Consulting Services

Mazars' dedicated team works closely with our clients in the following areas: Restructuring & Reorganization, Risk Management, Preparation of Policies & Procedures, Internal Audit Quality Assessment Reviews, XBRL and more.


We fully understand the  challenges of the working environment in which our clients operate as well as client's need. We constantly invest in our people, in audit tools and in training so as to be able to create a competitive and sustainable advantage for our clients.


Our team

Our team can help you to improve your operations by improving the skills of your executives with proper training or educational tools and we can also assist you in terms of internal audit, compliance, organization, human resources and more. Our executives can assist you to ameliorate  the quality and effectiveness of the internal audit processes by offering the right audit tools and knowledge. We will understand your objectives and goals including the risk assessment framework. We will help you develop internal audit and risk management strategy and methodology. Also, we support your internal audit function with the appropriate audit software to enhance and support Internal Auditor's work. We can also develop training for internal auditors using our extensive market and industry knowledge to create highly capable executives.

Risk Management

Risk Management covers all the processes involved in identifying, assessing and management of risks, assigning ownership, taking actions to mitigate or anticipate them, and monitoring and reviewing progress.

Internal Audit Consulting

Based on our long-term experience, we are able to assist you in organizing the Internal Audit department by understanding the way of its operation, the necessary skills that are required by the internal auditors and by developing a specialised methodology, tools and procedure manuals for the effective internal audit function.

Restructuring & Reorganization

In collaboration with the Board of Directors, our experienced executives will evaluate the company's profile in operational, organizational and financial level.

Professional Training

Recognizing the increasingly demanding working environment, we assess the skills of your staff and propose improvement and development executive plans, by offering appropriate educational tools.


XBRL stands for Extensible Business Reporting Language and is a common description language used in order to file financial statements according to the legal requirements.