Disputes & Litigation Support

Disputes and litigations are time consuming and deprive of organizations financial and human resources.

Our role is to prepare analyses, verify calculations and reports, advise on disputes resolutions, provide expert reports and act as an expert witness in court. Moreover, as an independent advisor, we assist organizations, individuals and legal counselors to effectively support their position in financial and contractual disputes, recover financial losses and safeguard financial and business interests.

We can present our findings as written reports or statements as well as witness evidence through oral testimony and cross examination when required.

Where relevant, we provide additional support in the form of forensic technology services including data acquisition, processing, hosting, analysis and production with our bespoke data imaging and eDisclosure solution.

Our specialist teams in 20 jurisdictions worldwide mean we are perfectly positioned to assist with assignments all over the world.

Financial reporting disputes

We examine whether “truth and fairness” is violated, in cases such as:

  • Fair Value attributed to Assets & Liabilities
  • Incomplete revenue recognition
  • Inaccurate Reported Cash Flows
  • Unproper and incomplete acquisition accounting
  • Misleading interim financial reports
  • Omission of transactions or balances

Partnership Agreements

We act as an appointed party in the capacity of single or joint expert or advisor on disputes between shareholders & partners. Such disputes may concern:

  • False transactions reducing dividends
  • Violation of shareholders' & partners’ agreements
  • Restricted fees to shareholders
  • Non proportional distribution of profits
  • Disagreements on management practices or decisions

Other transaction related disputes

We proactively review compliance of contracts’ terms and analyze any financial impact arising from:

  • Manipulation of financial statements by the lessee
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Breach of franchise agreements
  • Breach of royalties agreements
  • Supplier’s failure to perform

Review Opposing Expert’s Reports and other financial analyses

We assess the quality of experts’ reports, by understanding the procedures performed, data and assumptions used and conclusions reached.: We are capable to identify:

  • Omission of documentation resulting to biased reports
  • False assumptions, e.g. discount rates, growth rates
  • Inappropriate methodology used or failure to successfully apply the appropriate methodology
  • Incomplete or unrelated benchmarking
  • Mistaken damage calculations
  • Failure to consider other relevant factors causing profit losses
  • Financial expert lack of qualifications or independence

Advisory or Expert Witness Reporting

We act either as an advisor assisting on business decisions or as an expert witness & technical advisor on litigations by assisting legal counsels to effectively support their position.

  • We advise shareholders on management’s decisions and relevant financial impact
  • We prepare expert witness and technical reports on financial matters
  • We calculate monetary damages related to claims in litigation


Since expert witness reports are not always sufficient on their own and testimony is required either in the early stages of litigation or in the court, we have the expertise to provide testimonies of high value.