Forensic Technology

Mazars’ Forensic Technology practice can support your organization with complex investigations and dispute resolution assignments across all continents.

Mazars offers data mining and forensic analysis services in connection with litigation, arbitration and investigation assignments, including data collection, analysis and reporting.

For each investigation, our team uses:

  • A consistent approach in accordance with legal requirement and best practices
  • Several court-cited digital investigation and document review platforms
  • Cutting edge data analytics tools and algorithms

Data analytics

Our approach uses predefined and bespoke automated detection scripts and applies evidence preservation methodology. Our data analysts have in-depth knowledge of the business and financial processes enabling them to perform application controls, fraud detection, financial figures analysis, trends analysis and application migration reviews by:

  • Dealing with significant volumes of data, up to several millions of transactions
  • Preserving the original data provided to ensure no alterations can be made
  • Replicating data issues or re-running controls to test multiple scenarios using the scripting capability
  • Performing an exhaustive analysis, processing the complete set of transactions

Computer forensics

Our court-cited digital investigation platform allows us to:

  • Perform live acquisitions/imaging of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), resulting in a forensically sound image that stands up in court
  • Perform searches on the basis of case related keywords agreed upon with the client. It also enables data indications to be obtained from operating systems artefacts and the retrieval of deleted data that is still present in the slack space
  • Easily visualise the most relevant material in an investigation
  • Reduce case investigation times enabling the review of data and identification of relevant evidence, all in one centralised location, hosted in our premises
  • Implement password recovery and data decryption solutions

E-Discovery & Document Review

Mazars supports and embraces the approach of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)© as well as the Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) frameworks. The process of e-discovery and document review will help your company achieve compliance and manage records and information in an efficient way, ensuring the appropriate response to legal and regulatory requests.

Securely hosted in our data center, our web-based platform allows the team to perform processing and document review and can be accessed securely by clients, lawyers or any authorized third party.